Commercial / Corporate / Office services

We provide you with Commercial goods transport Australia wide. This is done efficiently and to a high quality standard. We ensure that your load is safe and secure and that it is picked up and delivered on time. If you have a personalised date or time for pick up or delivery, then we can work around your preferences and make sure we meet your needs.

What type of commercial goods do we transport 

Samara Transport & Logistics provide transport services of the types of items below excluding alcohol and food:

1. Pallet transport
i. Plastic products from factories
ii. Factory items from production lines on a regular basis or one off basis
iii. And much more!

2. Equipment transport
i. Factory equipment
ii. Outdoor equipment for homes
iii. Cafe/Restaurant equipment
iv. Small/Medium/Large business products from nearby ports or local customers including shop fitouts and interior fittings
v. Car transport for transport companies
vi. Construction equipment and machinery