Tips for Moving Homes

Making an Interstate Relocation Easier

Moving interstate is both exciting and stressful. Generally, it’s the start of a new life and new places, but getting all your stuff there in one piece can make even the most care-free person a little worried. Here are a few ideas to make your relocation just a little easier.

You should be making calls and doing your research. Moving interstate is just one of things that while you could handle it on your own, but it’s not recommended to do so. You will want to get all your belongings moved on a single trip as it’s just not feasible to go back and forth many times. Your belongings also have a long way to go, so you want to make sure that they get there intact. So, you should be calling interstate removalist services and getting quotes.
To get the most accurate quotes, you should start with a little prep. Make a list of all your big items and how many boxes you think each room will need. (Here is a big tip, make sure to overestimate how many boxes). If you have very large items like big commercial refrigerators or large sectionals, it is also handy to measure them. All this information will ensure that you the best value.

Ask the removalist what services are offered with the quote. Just because someone offers you the cheapest price doesn’t mean that they are giving you value for money. Many good movers offer packing and unpacking services, and don’t have a lot of hidden fees. You will want to check the fine print on their insurance coverage. Many of the cheaper companies will not have your property covered for accidental loss or breakage. You don’t want this.

If you’ve been privileged enough to have plenty of heads up about your impending move, then get an early start on packing. Putting in some effort after work and on weekends leading up to the move will provide you with a good peace of mind. You won’t be rushing around just throwing things into boxes. This is how items get lost or broken in transit. Start by packing up any seasonal items you don’t need like winter or summer clothes, and then move on to books and entertainment. Children’s toys are also a good place to start as they simply have so many of them.

As you are moving interstate, your items may be on the road for a while, so be sure to pack carefully to lessen the chance for jostling and breakage. Use plenty of bubble wrap, and seasonal clothes also work well to provide cushion and protection for fragile items. Make sure that you label and number every box along the sides. If you can make a list with a short note of the number and content, this will help you unpack much easier. In the unlikely case of an insurance issue, you should also take pictures of your high dollar and fragile items. This and your list will be invaluable to be compensated properly from the insurance company.

Don’t forget about the all the administration tasks that go with moving interstate. You should get your mail redirected, and you should also update your information with your credit cards, banks and license. Don’t forget your insurance companies, tax office, and even the electoral roll. Contact your utilities providers and let them know the last day that you will be at your old house and when your new address should be connected.